TruckCam End of Line system

The TruckCam End of line system is based on a centerline measurement principle with a patented camera technology in combination with pre-calibrated wheel clamps and semaphore measuring poles placed in a square around the vehicle. In this way it is not necessary to place any frame gauges on the vehicle.

Angles like toe, out of square and parallelism are quickly measured and adjusted since up to eight cameras can measure simultaneously. All measured values are shown live on the computer screen, enabling the operator to adjust to the desired values. The system can be configured for all vehicle types with their different axle configurations, and target values as well as tolerances can be entered into the software. The adjustments can only be finished when all values are in tolerance. This ensures that every vehicle that leaves the production line is properly aligned.

To ensure that the hardware is properly calibrated, TruckCam has included a calibration unit and incorporated a calibration functionality into the software. The software schedules hardware calibration, to make sure that the End of Line system always produces accurate measurements.

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